What is Frenchies yours?


French is beautiful but not easy? Why not both?


Frenchies yours takes you to a fantastic customizable virtual trip to France where you'll learn french and french culture in an easy & funny way.


Learn French

When you start your trip, everything will be in french but don't worry! You will be able to adapt it according to your french level and our dictionary is here to help whenever you need it! Audio, photos, idioms, you'll find everything you need to improve your french!


Discover France and its culture

France is full of fantastic places and traditions. Your virtual trip will be a great opportunity to know more about them.



Your virtual trip is customizable. Once in France, you'll choose what you want to do! Your trip is a result of your actions! 

Start your trip now! What are you waiting for?

French Lessons

That's not all! If you need to improve specific notions of your french, you can go to the classroom and ask for a specific lesson!